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Lovely friends and customers I do understand that some of us , we are stressed concern for your holiday in my lovely country Cyprus!

I would like to inform you in general that you should not be STRESS or cancel your holidays for now.  That various can affect a lot orderly people.  I am in currently in Spain and I am exactly in the same position like you. The follow information are from travelers coming from United Kingdom , Spain , Sweden, Japon, Greece , German, France.

Question:So what will happen to us once we arrived in Cyprus?

Answer: Once we land in Cyprus they will ask us some questions in general for our healthy and then they will take us to an information office just to give some advices for our personal health.

Question: We you be able to travel or move freely in the island or you are going to be isolated?

Based on the formal announcement of Minister of Health United Kingdom and Spain too we belong in category 2 which is means :

  • They will ask us to be careful with your movement but most probably  you will self isolated  be in hospital. Countries which are in Category one will be isolate in the hospital.

Health ministry issues revised instructions for travellers

Questions : What means self isolation based on the new law of Cyprus ?

Answer: Based on the new law in Cyprus

1. Limit your movements -Avoid all unnecessary travel, travel -If you need to move, do not use buses or taxis

2. Avoid contact with people -Maintain at least one meter distance from other people -Don’t go to work, school -Don’t go to synchronization venues (cinemas, bars, cafes etc.) and events (eg parties indoors) unless necessary -Try to avoid home visits but prefer meetings outdoors areas or areas with adequate natural ventilation -Avoid visits to hospitalized patients or medical facilities or old people’s homes

3. Observe the basic hygiene rules – Apply hand hygiene. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 minutes seconds -Avoid sharing objects with other people

4. Monitor and report symptoms – Recommend daily calorimeter -If you experience any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, difficulty in respiration, or sore throat, stay home and call the 24-hour Center immediately Ambulance Call Control (phone 1420) and report your symptoms and your recent travel history




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