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To rent a car on your holidays, is a lovely idea to Discover island, engage with our culture and meeting Cypriots!But what is the dual affect of all inclusive in car hire family business?Are owners stress about the market?Can family businesses continue to operate?

Let’s start analyzing this questions, taking into consideration working experience, customers requests, demand in car hires. If someone pop in into my office and ask for car hire, 8/10 people will asked me for one day, 1/10 for 3 days and 1/10 for more than 4 days.

This reality leads car hire companies to more expenses in cleaning cars, higher risk of damaging cars, higher expenses in maintaining cars, higher expenses to run business as a whole!

Lets consider another factor regarding duration of season. 20 years ago season was 8 months people. The last 8 years season is becoming shorter and shorted with employees questioning their self ” Is it actually worth it to work 5 months ? Is income enough to live the next 7 months ? Is unemployment benefits adjusted to their needs? If you noticed in most hotels employees are foreigners because of the above concerns.


We see all inclusive affects every season to become more obvious and more family business are shutting down one after other. For every single family business you watch on the street is their living and for every decision there is a huge disappointment.

As ethical business, is our duty to act for tourism sector in Cyprus. We already contact deputy of tourism without getting any answer this years. Every year we act not to safe our business to safe our tourism sector before is too late


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