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Dear lovely customers,

We would like to inform you that COBALT airline which over CyprusAirways in 2015 went bankrupt. Sadly story because around 200 employees will stay unemployed and Cyprus will no longer have any officially establish airlines.

Based on CyprusMail article Cobalt failed to pay the lease fees on time.The typical monthly lease on an aircraft is around €500,00. The Chinese investor for the last months ,the money-men injected as much as €10m to keep the company afloat.

“Since its inception, Cobalt has burned through an incredible amount of cash for an outfit its size. The investors in China apparently decided this month that enough was enough.”

You can write more information please in the link below :

Cobalt’s Chinese backers decided ‘enough was enough’


If you have ticket from COBALT :

As stated on the website of the Cyprus Consumers’ Association if the flight is canceled, the airline must give the consumer the choice between returning the ticket or securing an alternative way of going to the final destination. He may also be entitled to additional financial compensation (€ 125- € 600) under certain conditions.

In the event of denied boarding, the consumer is entitled to a refund of the ticket or an alternative way of going to the final destination. He is also entitled to financial compensation. If he chooses the alternative way to go to his final destination, he is entitled to further assistance, if necessary.

If it has been denied boarding, cancellation or long delay and the airline does not respect its rights, complain to the Civil Aviation Department or by telephone at 22 404102



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