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Since 2013 I keep writing and saying same issues regarding Tourist Sector.I am not surprised that we are going to have a challenge season!

Before I start analyzing some of issues, I will like to say one more time, THANK YOU to our lovely customers of choosing us every year to rent their car! Your recognition, kindness give us power to continue to do what we love and to overcome obstacles.

Most of the obstacles though, are not because of us but because the tourist industry of the island.

We all know that Protaras is running maximum 6 months of the year. Most of business in Protaras are running their full capacity only 4 months, the others months family business working under their losses.

Government needs to adjust some laws regarding small business and middle small business in order to encourage them slowly slowly to be open longer. For example our company office in order to leave doors open of the office, governments forces us to pay social insurance of my dad, myself and my mother. In another words company should employ 3 people without having such a demand in order to work 3 people and so much profit to pay for 3 salaries and social insurance. WE ARE OPEN such an virtual office.

Secondly, all that money that government sponsors us as an unemployed could easily invested in new agreements and attractive packages to attract tourist in no season time. We are talking about millions every year. It is important to mention that hotels in Limassol and Pafos and most of them in Larnaka are open all year around.

Thirdly, controlling, monitoring. Limiting are three words that non of any recognized tourist institutions ever hear. Don’t you think that words are must for such a country which percent of its economy depends on tourist sector??

Tour operators free market reach to another level. I am not talking for all hotels! Instead of hotels combining tour operators and direct bookings at the same time in order to reach to the level that customer’s will book direct and gain more profit, some people prefer to use obly tour operators.

In another article I will focus in consequences of all inclusive in the island and what is expected to happened!


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