Traveling with coronavirus: Journey Pamplona to Barcelona

Hello my name is Georgia and I am 28 years old! I will love this time to be part of my daily experiences while I was traveling!

Let’s start!! I was in Spain before coronavirus become so aggressive and start spreading fast! I booked a ticket on 27th of March to return back home (Cyprus). I was too late! In no time everything was lockdown in my city Logroño. The reason is because Logroño had so many people with Coronivirous! In few hours I packed my thing. I remember was 15 of March when I left Logroño ! I am lucky because my sister lives in Spain so I moved out to my sisters in Pamplona! Spending with my family and my adorable niece!

27/04….. While I was spending time with my sister, I contacted the embassy. Embassy informed me that I can make it back home on the 2nd of May! Cyprus government will organized flight from Germany (Frankfurt) to Cyprus! I was excited for few seconds only!

First thought is that I am going home! But… How I will get to Franfrut? Am I able to travel from Madrid or Barcelona Airport? Does bus services running? Does buses running frequently to get there on time?After a lot of research changing my train ticket 3 times, I manage to organised ny journey from Pamplona to Barcelona

The journey…..

I start ny journey on 30th of April! I order taxi at 06:30 in the morning heading to the central bus station of Pamplona

Pamplona main bus station : The ” sound ” of silence

In the bus we were only 8 passengers and the driver adk us to enter the bus from the door behind!

Through my journey Pamplona to Zaragosa which last around 3 hours with 16 stops, I wearing cloves and enjoying the ride!

When humans are sleeping, then nurture can wake up!

At 10:15 i reach to Zaragosa bus station! From bus station I walk to train station which was 2 minutes walk! I was struggle to find the entrance and I get little lost! With nobody around my journey was becoming more adventures and little bite scary! Like always I loved it!

Main train station of Zaragosa

In the train we were only 4 passengers traveling and my journey started at 11:15 and I reach my destination 16:30! I felt really happy combining music, photography, traveling! Few times in mu life that i felt like a real blogger! 🙂

My journey with train was amazing! I saw Ebro River, horses, cows, toros! Windmills Park, sea! Discover new places to visit next time!

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My experience was amazing because traveling for me is my vitamin to stay alive! Traveling this time wasn’t like all teh other journeys! I needed to be suspicious, not meeting new people and socialising, being alone! I never felt so alone even in my solo traveling advertures!

Does coronavirus affect the way we travel?

Empty buses, empty streets….. Photo Gallery …

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Life with Coronavirus in Pamplona

Today I had to visit the pediatric because my niece is 6 months only and it is really important to go to the doctor and check her out. Yesterday my sister call to ask permission to not take her to the hospital and stay at home. Doctors said that is really important to check take my niece to doctor , therefore we did not have other choice to go to doctor.

So we got ready and with a fear into our minds to get into car, park as close as close from the hospital. On the way to hospital I felt like I lived in Ghost CIty . ( I am from Cyprus and we have ghost city in my country the name called Famagusta).

Once we get out of the car we keep in mind all hygiene rules , do not touch almost anywhere , walk and keep our distance between us. Once we enter the hospital all doctors were with masks and the hospital is like that in Spain.

We felt the fear of few people walking in the street either just to go for grocery , or take their dog for a walk. We saw 2 cars with police and we felt like we are in a movie with zombies that we need to stay in our house and protect ourselves.

My message is to be united in such a moment, to start getting hobbies like reading book, online course, be with few and valuable people that can make us happy.

Now it is time to find our happiness within ourselves and that is the hardest. We asked to stay at home for 14 days , to tolerate ourselves for such a long time , to control our mind in the stage of happiness.

Music can connect us, dancing can connect us, games like monopoly can connect us, painting can connect us, puzzled can connect us!

Yes we can small lyrics written by me to give us and power to be united!

Abandon streets with dreams

house with souls asking for retreat

dreams can be lost

but hope can found

We need faith in souls

and that is all that accounts