Let’s live our romance !

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Protaras is lovely for couple and it is so romantic.

You can walk every night along seaside and eat to restaurants such as Di capilla in front of the sea. Also you can go to nice bars with sea view as well such Sirena bay in pernera, antamoma in Golden Coast , Koi in Kabo bay.

If you would like to enjoy more our waves and sea in   #protaraspier Protaras Pier there are list of boat trips day time and to look the sunset. You can go and see sunrise together in Saint Nicolaos in Pernera.

If you would like to go to really romantic restaurant for steak I recommend. Sizzlers in Pernera too. Also if you would like to feel more adventures water sports and parachuting it is another choice or quad safari. For a coffee and calm moments it is really nice in Konnos beach there is a small coffee shop and the cliff bar at night or the roof burger,
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You speak Greek and you don’t know it

Are you from lovely United Kingdom? Is your first language English?

Then you know 6000 words in Greek!


Some of the words you can use in your holidays are

Climate ( to ask for the weather)

enthusiasm ( to show how much blast you have for your holidays)

democracy ( if you speak for political topics)

Cosmos ( which is mean world)

aroma ( smell )

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Transportation: Taxis and Buses

One of the most important information is the prices for transportation.

In Cyprus we don’t have trains, undergrounds and huge roads with bus lanes.

But we do have buses and taxis 🙂



If you would like to take a taxis from Larnaka airport to Protaras for 5 people will cost minimum 55 euros. If you are 7 people then price will start from 70euros. Mini van the price will start from 90euros.

If you would like to take bus from the airport to Protaras there is suttle bus KAPNOS and the price is more or less 7 euros only.  If you would like to the the public bus more or less will cost you the same but you need to stop in some places.

Taxis from Protaras to Agia Napa it start from 12 euros the price one way to take you

Buses from Protaras to Agia Napa is 102 bus and it is 1.50euro each way and run every 20 minutes in the season.


Also the roads are easy to drive and we drive with the same side as United Kingdom.

Do you like snorkeling ?



We all know that sea calm us and make us relax but how about snorkeling? Where can you find nice places to see some small fishes without professional diving ?

Georgia every years escape for work for some snorkeling and here are the places that she discovers so far :


Beaches along Kapparis close to Buffer zone though

Malama Beach in Kapparis

Kavo Maris Beach

Green Bay Beach (close to the hotel Cavo Maris)

Sirena Bay Beach (in Pernera  not in the weekends )

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Traditional Food!

This article is focusing in the most traditional foods that you should try.

Lets start!

Kleftiko : you can find a nice kleftiko which it needs more than 8 hours to be cooked in COSTARIS in Deryneia

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Mousakas: you can find delicious mousakas in Vaggelis Taverna in Protaras

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Meat maze: You can find really nice meat maze in Roppas Tavern In Paralimni, Mousikos taverna in Sotira.

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Fish maze: restaurant in Liopetri river.

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Fast food gyros: You can find the most delicious gyros in MASA fast food.

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Loukamades and siamishi : it is a traditional dessert and there is Panikkos Loukamades in Protaras( please ask me to give directions at the office I can show you on the map)

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Galatopoureko : it is another dessert so yiami! I love it. I go to Liotati Baker in Paralimni to get it.

Fish maze:

Demetrion Family Restaurant

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Paralimnia Festival- Lefkola square in front of Odessa Hotel


At 21:00 traditional music and traditional program from Paralimni Cultural Center will taka place in Lefkola Square in Protaras. The event will represent our ”forgotten wedding customs”

At 21:00 Dancing parade on the main street of Protaras by the Cultural Workshop “PARA TIN LIMNI” of the Municipality of Paralimni (Lefkolla Square in Protaras).


From 11:00 until 23:00“BOX GAMES” a friendly contest between CrossFitters from all over Cyprus! Young and older, athletes and non-athletes, are together for a splendid presentation of the CrossFitt sport. A unique experience presented by CrossFitt LOck Down in collaboration with other CrossFit gyms in Cyprus. (Lefkolla Square in Protaras).


 At 20:30 Music-dancing performance by the Cultural Association “ANADYSI” (Lefkolla Square in Protaras).


At 21:00 Event from “MANDOLINATA” of the Municipality of Paralimni in Protaras (Lefkolla Square in Protaras).


At 20:30 the Choral Festival from the Cultural Association “ANEMOESSA” of the Metropolitan Church of Agios Georgios (Paralimni Municipal Amphitheater).

Philharmonic Festival in Protaras
Protaras Wind Youth Band Festival 2018, organized by the Symphonic Band “ARMONIA” of the Municipality of Paralimni (Lefkolla Square in Protaras).

18/7/2018 – Sunday 5/8/2018
6th Summer Cinema Festival in Protaras with organizer and promoter the Paralimni Youth Council. (Lefkolla Square in Protaras).


At 20:00, concert with the music of the National Military Band (Lefkolla Square in Protaras).


 From 16:00 until  22:00 5th PROTARAS 3X3 OPAP CYPRUS
Organizer, the Cyprus Basketball Federation, the Paralimni Municipality and the Paralimni Hellenic Football Association (Lefkolla Square in Protaras).

Music Retro for the August Full Moon with the Paralimni Youth Municipal Council as the organizer. (along the coastal pedestrian street)


At 20:00 “4th Flavors of the World Festival” in Protaras. With the participation of various countries from all over the world. Food, drink and rich musical-dancing program by the music conservatory of “ELINA PASHALI” and the “BATUCINIO” percussion team.
(Lefkolla Square in Protaras).

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Do you want to take incredible panoramic photos, check that places out.


Ayios Epifanios ( Ayia Napa)




Ayios Elias







Cape Gkreko in Kavo Gkreko Agia Napa


Ayioi Anargyroi in Kavo Gkreko

Paliatso Park Wheel in Ayia Napa












Would you like to enjoy sunwing? Where you should go?

It is nicer to see sun wing from Paralimni or Protaras and Sunset from Agia Napa.


  • Golden Coast Harbor( photos )
  • Aigialos Restaurant
  • Sirena Bay
  • Agia Triada Habor
  • Protaras Pier
  • fig tree bay ( photo)
  • cavo maris beach

sunset cavo maris

We would like to thank you our friend and customers Neil Walkers for sending us that photo and letting to add in our blog.



  • Akrotiri Kavo Gkreko
  • Konnos Bay
  • Agia Napa Harbor


Festivals : Strawberry today and water festival for the Weekend

Would you like to be part of Cypriot gathering and enjoy nice strawberries flavors.

Today at 19:00  until midnight the strawberry festival will be in DERYNEIA stadium.

Here is the links for the events


Here are the directions:


This weekend there is a water festival in Protaras and Agia Napa with concerts in each area respectively:

In Fig Tree Protaras is going to be settled it a concert and in the center of Agia Napa as well.

For more information you can contacts Tourist offices in Protaras 23 832865 and tourist office in Agia Napa