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My name is Georgia Eleftheria Tsiolakki and I am from Cyprus. My blog is about culture, Cypriot Hospitaliy. Cypriot culture is so rich, full with new discoveries and facts to be proud of. First of all, Ι would like to thank you my best uncle Kiriakos Kastanas for his contributions and willing to take us back to time.

This article videos and photos are some of them more than 100 years old. As a blog we took all the rights to post photos and videos and this article highlight the story of my island.

Lets start then!!!

In the past, cypriot citizens use to weight products with ” okaes” not kilos. The photo below show what is ” okaes” and we weight them for you with old weights.

Through years weights change form and structure. As you can see below photos.

Videos of weights



The chair that you see below are really old. But we still keep that tradition making handmade chairs from stubble, You can find some people who still follow that kind or art. Stubble were used to make chairs, baskets, hungers to hug bread. See photos below.



Here is photo of ” αργαλείος = argaleios”.

The follow tool used to cut the bread into pieces manual.

Each house in the past used to make at least their own olive oil and bread. Housewife used to storage oil and anything they would like in huge bottles likes that. There is photo and video.

Growing wheat and vegetables was the main business activity. Cypriots were using a lot of tools like ” drepani΄΄= sickle to cut the surface from wheat.


A basket to through seeds on the ground.

The one that you see below it is not longer in the market and they used it for two purposes for digging the ground and to cut the trees.

They have used different tools as you see below in the photos for different purposes. Such as lockers, screwdrivers.


For horses they use the follow:

Photo Gallery:



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