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Agia Napa took its name from “Icon of Virgin Mary of Napes”, which means “the Saint of the woods”. This is how the village got its name, Agia Napa, “Holy Forest”. Agia Napa name was given a long time before 1366.


Due the lack of evidence, we do not know when the Monastery was founded. Based on few evidence the monastery was build when Cyprus was under the sovereignty of the Venetians, 15th century.  At different periods in time, the Monastery has served as both a nunnery and a Monastery.After 1878, when Cyprus was under the British domination, there were no monks in the monastery.

The church of the monastery had become the parish church of the village. In 1950, repairs took place in order to maintain the historic buildings.

You can find out more in the monastery the different editions how monastery was founded. They are plenty of history editions. I provide always the basic information for you to have something new discover while you are visiting all that places.






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