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Are you thinking to choose Protaras for your vacation? Did you already booked your tickets and you are wondering what you should do ? Where you can go and swim? Where you can go and eat ? This article will help you.

Day 1 :

It is your arrival day maybe you might feel tired but good food is always in the menu. We will recommend you to avoid all inclusive because we have plenty of choice and restaurants that I will recommend every single day.

For first day I will recommend you to go to ” Kalamies Restaurant”. Kalamies is a family run restaurant and it is pretty famous for their fish maze and in general for their dishes. Please try to give a call and reserve your table because you might not find table to sit. Phone number is +357 23 831145 . Address in google maps:,34.0386818,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x1e0139133b9212da!8m2!3d35.035453!4d34.0386818


Day 2: 

Good morning Protaras. It is time for swimming but lets check the weather first. Every time that is really windy in Protaras, in Ayia Napa is less windy because of the shape of the island. So let me give you two choices:

  1. Fig Tree Bay Beach in Protaras. It is really famous and belongs to the best beaches in Europe. The water is crystal and the sant white and soft. Suitable for kids because the water it is not that deep




  1. Landa beach in Ayia Napa is really nice beach as well you need to take the bus that goes to Ayia Napa 102 or rent a car to go. It is far to walk

It is time for Food. Few restaurants are serving lunch in Protaras main street. Next to our office there is Vangelis Taverna which has a plenty of choices and meat maze if you would like to try. There you can try many traditional dishes such as ” mousaka’ , ”souvlaki”, meat maze. If you would like to go for a lunch you will find space for sure at night sometimes you can find and some other no.

Lets go out!!!

At night in the main street of Protaras there are many pubs which are running entertainment programs. A pretty famous one is the LOVE BOAT PUB. Plenty of cocktails and beers and snacks if you would like. They serve food as well, ice cream, pancakes.

Day 3: 

Swim day again but lets go somewhere else. A beach that is hidden in mountains and a place that you can drink your morning coffee or ”frappe” with sea view. Konnos Beach in Kavo Gkreko.  I recomend to wake up early and go early to make sure that you have your own space laying down.



If you feel bored of swimming again. We recommend to have a nice walk in Kavo Gkreko Park which is protected for Unesco. While you are walking you will came across with ” Love Bridge”, Ayioi Anargiroi, Pincic site close to Agioi Anayiroi to have your picnic, ” Love Tree” , sea caves. 



Now we start feeling hungry again. A good ideas is to drive to Liopetri River side and there you can find Demetrion Restaurant to eat healthy fish foods,  greek salads and cypriot starters like homemade humous.







Day 4: 

Lets swim to other beach in front of Malama Beach Hotel.  It is in Kapparis area and the name of the Beach is Malama Beach. You can go and have your lovely coffee , tea, frappe, hot chocolate in the lovely cute cafeteria. Also you can go there to have a drink at night they server beers too and it is lovely at night as well.  For snorkeling lovers that beach will be your favorite. It is my favorite to be honest because I go for snorkeling I might see you there too 🙂



We feel hungry again. Close to Kapparis there is a village Deryneia. Costaris tavern can serve you Kleftiko which is one of our tradition food. That dish includes lab and potatoes and it take long hours to be ready. Also in that tavern you can find other choices as well like fried kalamari, greek salad.



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