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Today is a Bank Holiday and almost 70 percent of Cypriots are not working. As you notice previous for 3 days and the next 3 days , there is traffic on the roads and crowed in every beach.

Day like that there is list of things we should be aware of!

Be aware of….

Be aware of where do you park you car,because might someone scratch it and leave without leaving his numbers

Be aware of your wallet and cases , dont leave them abandoned in the beach and go for swimming.


Be aware of others drivers! Cypriots are aggressive drivers don’t keep their distance at all and don’t give you priority on the road

Prefer to get to your destination on foot , you will go faster ……

Protaras Pier

Be aware of traffic jams. Use road that you don’t depend on other to give priority, such a road with Traffic Lights , round about and so on.

Keep your distance…..


Be aware to reserve a table on your favorite restaurant and be on time! If you are sure that you will like to dine in a restaurant just make the effort to call them and reserve a table.

Pasta in oven : Cypriot Dish….





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