I am the ”richer” person in the world ( Photos)

I am the most richer person in the world!

Many people does not find it right that I am traveling but in my traveling I see the real world because Cyprus is not the complete picture of real world.

I met homeless people waking up morning but double portions to give it to them, I saw people throwing rubbish on the streets, i saw people not pension standing up first before the trains stops and not let anyone to pass, I saw people try to steal, I saw people taking my queue, I saw people not serving me and watching me stand in the queue because I dont speak their language (only in Prague)

But that homeless people say thank you to me, another homeless person was always smiling, when my hat fall from. My hand someone ran and gave to me, when I was trying to order someone help me with the language, when I get lost someone help to find me way! When I was smiling someone smile back to me that homeless person.

Weather Information for all year around!!

What is the weather like in Cyprus ? Do you agree with our notes and article ? Feel free to comment and describe your experiences to let the others know !!!

If you would like you check the weather online  www.moa.gov.cy

Also for cyprusmail newspaper as well!


The photo is taking in Liopetris River evening time!

April – May The days are pleasantly warm during this time, but may be slightly cold in the evenings. This is an excellent season for those who prefer to enjoy nature, as the landscape is green and the flowers are in bloom. The recommended clothing is: – Medium weight and summer wear. – Light knitwear or long-sleeved cotton for the evening.

June July August The hottest months of summer, which are ideal for swimming and all activities on the beach. Clothing  Very light summer clothes.

September – October Hot days and cool evenings in October. Swimming, sunbathing and water sports are still at their best during this time. Lightweight clothing a day. – Medium weight clothing for the evenings in October.

November Offers pleasantly hot days and cool evenings. You can also enjoy your outdoor meal, even sunbathing and swimming along with most outdoor sports. The weather is ideal for autumn trips. The recommended clothing is: – Medium weight apparel. – Light knitwear.

December – January Winter months for the Cypriots, but they can be considered as autumn months by foreign visitors. It may occasionally rain. Guests can also enjoy outdoor activities and excursions.Winter clothing, but heavy coats are not required.

February The weather is volatile, with the possibility of hot days and sporadic rains. While temperatures are spring props, it can be quite cold in the evenings. The almonds are full of bloom and the conditions are ideal for winter skiing in the Troodos Mountains.Winter clothing.

March The weather is moderate, with plenty of sun and nature at its best. You can enjoy outdoor activities. March is an excellent time for a walk. Medium-weight winter clothing.




Magical Christmas in Brighton( photos and video)

Like always and these year I found opportunity to catch up with my truly friends!

Sitting on Gatwick airport waiting my flight back home I decided to keep writing in my blog.

Solo traveling is a wonderful experience. The only thing you wish sometimes is to have 4 hands only :p



In my less than 48 hours in Brighton I capture wonderful memories and photos!



Lucky again with the weather was sunny!




Another hidden Streets!

I invest my time in traveling because for me is the only way to become richer!!

Day Trip – Limassol



Limassol is the second biggest city in Cyprus.

We summarized all the attractions in Limassol for you !

1) Limassol Marina


2) Limassol Castle

3) Kourion

4) Omodos

5)Kollisi Castle


-Walk along pedestrians road


-Limassol Zoo

-Cyprus Fly Adventures

-Fasouri Watermania



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Spain trip : Barcelona to Pamplona( photos and videos)

My flight from Rome to Barcelona was really good and calm.


I landed in Barcelona and I decide to take a taxi from Barcelona Sants Railway Station which is the main station of Barcelona.

On the way to the station my taxi driver was super nice and we start chatting of course in Spanish. As you know I love Spanish and I am learning in my free time :). WHY NOT TO PRACTICE THEM ?? The ride from Barcelona airport to the Sant Railway station is 28 euros more or less and the application UBER does not work in Barcelona. You need to take taxi from the street and they are plenty of taxi. You will wait less than 5 minutes.

On the way to the train I was lucky to see some sightseeing from the cars such as the old Estadion de Toros which is now a shopping center, Spanish Square.







While I was waiting the platform of my destination to be announced I decide to take photo for you to know how the station Sant look like!


I am always excited when I am in the trains and especially now because I needed 4 hours to reach my destination Pamplona!!



I reached my destination and I decide to go to the center to have churos with my favorite hot chocolate. On the way to the center I walk along a nice river and a park as you can see below








Of course like always we catch up the sunset as well !! 🙂



Finally I reached my destination from 04:00 in the morning starting from my hotel from Rome until 16:30 I sat in the cafeteria and enjoy my churros!!!


Rome :6 hours free time in Rome ( Videos, Photos)

We all love travelling but I am crazy in travelling and I love to take advantage each hour of my travelling. I will show some of my Sightseeing but I missed so many nice places as well because of lack of time!



Lets start with the most famous sightseeing Colosseum of course.The Colosseum or Coliseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. It is an oval amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, Italy. Built of travertine. It is the largest amphitheatre ever built. The Colosseum is situated just east of the Roman Forum








Spanish Steps  are a set of steps in Rome, Italy, climbing a steep slope between the Piazza di Spagna at the base and Piazza Trinità dei Monti, dominated by the Trinità dei Monti church at the top.






Following the Spanish steps I found the Trinità dei Monti church 







Fontana : Piazza Barberini




Santa Maria Maggiore the largest Catholic Marian church in Rome, Italy, from which size it receives the appellation “major


Getting lost and finding more sightseeings 🙂




Break lets have ice creams : GELLATO TIRAMISU !!!





The short small streets of Athens photos. ( Videos)

Although that I am Cypriot I hardly remember Athens small streets.


I took the metro from Elliniko to Sintagma ( red line) and I change to Sintagma ( which is the parliament of Greece and Ermou street in that area) I went to Monastiraki and I found the small streets as the photos shows below.






The I went to sintagma to see ” Tsoliades”  in front of Parliament and feed the birds. I cross the road and down hill is Ermou Street with all the shops. At the end there is church as you see the photo below


Video from Sintagma Metro:

Video from Sintagma:




Greece : Hidden secret beaches (photos video more videos soon)

I am in Athens and I am discovering nice beaches for us! The photos above is Narkizos Beach! You can see fireworks at night and there is nice fish maze!

Another beach is Nirides beach as you can see the photos below. Next to it there is Asteras hotel one of the most luxury hotel that Obama used to stay for his holidays

Another Beach is Okeanida Beach in Vougiagmeni as the photo shows below!

Would you like to swim and walk in seafront here we have place to recomend you as well. KAVOURI STREET